Friday, July 2, 2010

Being Invisible

‘Mugambo Khush hua‘, this dialogue rings in your ears as you go to sleep. While sleeping, Mr India comes in your dreams and shares with you the secret gadget to become invisible and tells you that you are the lucky one. You wake up in the morning dreamy eyed, still thinking about the dream only to realize that you have the gadget besides your bed. You press and you become invisible, press again and you become visible. WOW!! You now have the ‘Power to become invisible’ whenever you want.

I would not have used the gadget at all… Shocked? I don’t think I had something to do only when I need to be invisible… I cannot even think of just one thing which I cannot do being visible… I strongly believe that if you really want to do anything, you could do it even without being invisible…

Chalo now tell me what you would do being invisible…

You would have robbed some precious things? I have most valuable jewels (my close ones) costlier than kohinoor diamond around me… (or maybe I already have enough wealth)

You would have been around your loved ones every second? I am always with them by heart whenever they need me… (or maybe I don’t have any secret loves)

You would have punched someone you hate most in stomach? I swear but I don’t have any grudges on anyone… (or actually don’t carry forward my grudges as I will give them back then and there… lol…)

You would have helped poor or needy? If you really wanna do it, there are so many ways to do instead of it… (or I prefer helping openly to earn their love rather than secretly like this)

You would escape from office? I have a free internet, ac and a desk where I can sit and do all the things I like doing and take some time out for myself to stay alone and I don’t need to escape… (or actually I sometimes escape away and go for a long drive to a scenic location or go for a walk with a buddy…)

So finally I have nothing to do with the gadget… Do anyone want it???

This post is in response to Being Invisible by blogadda and the contest is sponsored by pringoo


  1. @Manju: Thank you dear... Anything with your support... :)

  2. I wil be modest here ;-) But gud expansion of one thought !!


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